Monday, January 6, 2020

An Investigation Into Zem Cos Performance Essay - 2850 Words

Zen Cos management team requested this report to accurately identify the cause the companys recent poor performance in the market that has resulted in a fall in productivity close to 10pc. The author was also requested to ascertain the correct formula in which would ameliorate job satisfaction within the organisation. The author was to establish the likely causes of Zen Cos recent poor performance relating to falling productivity figures, together with valid strategies in which would reduce staff turnover and absenteeism considerably. In conclusion the author was to discover with the aid of ample evidence whether the role of organisational behaviour theory in the management of employee resources in a valid one. A 3,000-word†¦show more content†¦They are also referred to as motivators. These motivators increased the job satisfaction of the employee and further increased their efficiency. These factors prevent job dissatisfaction. These did not make the employees happy (or have job satisfaction): it just removed the unhappiness out of working. They are also referred to as hygiene factors. Such hygiene factors, if not satisfied, had an effect of reduced employee efficiency. Herzberg believed that all factors fell into one of these categories and therefore had separate consequences. According to his theory, for a worker to be happy and therefore productive, environmental factors must not cause discomfort. Herzberg believed that the workers get motivated through feeling responsible for and connected to their work. Managers can help the employees connect to their work by giving them more authority over the job, as well as offering direct and individual feedback. By implementing such a theory staff receive a sense for achievement, recognition of their effort, the nature of the work itself, and the desire for responsibility are all strong factors for motivation, and it can be argued that this component is currently lacking in Zen Cos work-force. It must be noted that these factors encouraging motivation (job satisfaction) have little connection with money and are more associated with personal development and achievement. Hygiene

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